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December 18, 2008


aunty rashi

Beautiful story but not quite parallel to the parsha.In Carlstadt the parents tried to treat their three M's equally.However,Yakov avinu definitely showed Yosef preferential treatment.How could such a smart man fall into such an obvious parenting pit?
While you're answering questions, maybe explain what shearling means??

Chana Barr

Calling on all Maggid fans- please speak up and book in your comments! How else is the Maggid going to know we love reading his stuff!

The Maggid

Aunt Rashi, Shearling is sheepskin, with some of the wool intact. It's very warm for those cold nights on the moshav.
It's true that the story isn't an exact fit, but hopefully it still teaches the lesson of avoiding jealousy, even if these parents acted appropriately.
Thanks for your words of support. I suppose it begs the question: If a maggid tells a story in the woods and no one is there to hear it, did he actually tell the story?

aunty rashi

Don't you know trees have ears.

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