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October 31, 2008


Savta and Granpops from the Galil

Welcome back Maggid! We really missed you. We are fan of your website and wish you a yashar koach.

When it came to the brick work article on Parshat Noach, (to be continued) it made me think of a story from yesterday (shabbat). we live in yishuv way up north in the Lower Galil. we were taking a walk up here yesterday and I noticed a house that was being built. All the houses up here are very nice and big but covered with a plain type of stucco finish. One house is being built fancier than all the rest. How? It is being finished in even yerushalmi.

I stood there trying to think of the message that is being sent. Do the builders want to be different and fancier than the other houses? How will this impact their lives?

to be continued.

Savta from the Galil

The Maggid

Thanks, Savta. I can certainly relate to your thoughts on construction. Unfortunately, there is always something bigger and better.


Just wait until WE build! ;)

aunty rashi

How come everyone has construction work on their minds?? It should be wedding halls/bands/photographers under discussion!
How come nobody comments on how Noah married off his three sons in the rotten world he lived in.
Talking to mehutanim does actually analagize nicely with the Tower of Babel after the punishment....


Weddings? How about bar mitzvahs?! I think Jack should have stopped construction and put all his money into a big chocolate fondu fountain, a huge cake in the shape of tefillin, and a DJ with dancers who sing "Shout!" Not to mention th big bucks spent on invitations by Fungo.

mother in israel

Welcome back, Maggid.

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