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August 17, 2007



Had Effie really wanted to annoy the cop, he had many legs to stand on -- first, the posuk says shoftim first -- there must a judgment of reasonability before a law is enforced and Effie could easily argue that that judgment had not been made (and statistically, falls on the side of allowing jaywalking). Next, the posuk says shoftim v'shotrim titen lecha and Effie might have wanted to ask what is meant by "titen" -- who "gives" (not places "tasim," like som tasim melech) a police person? If it is hashem, then the question is whether this police person was anointed by hashem and whether Effie agreed to accept what was given (as it says "titen lecha," which is both 'to you' and 'for you'). He could have reminded the cop that he should have been watching at the gates (b'chol sha'arecha) or that his rule only covers living in Israel (the land which Hashem gave us).

Of course, he could also wonder why a random cop was darshening at him and whether his sneaker insurance would now rise.

The Maggid

As always, many valid (and frightening) points. Thank you, Reb Dan

RivkA with a capital A

Great post! Loved the retelling of the Giving Tree even more!


Wondering if you can figure out who I am.....

(I went by a different name when I was in Teaneck and you were my advisor....)

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