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July 16, 2007



a slam dunk!


Dear Maggid, My enjoyment and admiration for the weekly Maggid stories are immeasurable. I wait for them each week and when Savta brings it up on the internet and I hear a joyful shout, I know a new Maggid has been born. Without you knowing it, I live in the fantasy world of contributing something that would appear in one of the stories. Another fantasy came to me this past Pesach when we started the seder. When we stood around the table and sang "Kadesh urchatz and came to Maggid..I became lost in thought trying to think how I could introduce that Maggid into a story for your blog. At one time, both fantasies have merged...I cannot believe this true story of that wonderful yeshiva student Eli Wasser, experiencing it first hand, having the privilege helping him retrieve his silver bechur from the mikvah and thinking I must call the Maggid of Bergenfield with my story. I thought to myself we must find some connection with the parsha. That was Thursday evening. Friday morning I told the story to Noam in Eretz Yisrael and immediately he excitedly told me "that's this week's parsha. The halachot of kashering kelim were are in Matos"That is when you received an emergency maggid call. Finally, the maggid from Pesach to light. and I said to myself "MAGGID>>>RACHTZAH!!!!" with Love Grandpops


we've been away for a couple weeks, so I just enjoyed a heavy dose of catch up! thanks for keeping these up, the children will be thrilled when we read over them again tonight with them.

btw enjoyed the one with the flight out of toronto too! as we flew from there with Air Canada to Israel last Nov.

Ways of Zion

Jameel @ The Muqata

About 5 months ago, I went to the mikveh keilim to tovel some silverware. While learning over to dunk them, my cellphone fell out of my shirt picket (yes, that *was* a stupid place for it), and fell directly into the mikva...down down down it went...till it rested deep underwater facing up.

Leaning over, I dove my arm into the mikva...and barely managed to grasp it and haul it to the surface.

It was still on...but would probably be going fast.

I quickly pulled off the back of it, yanked out the battery, took out the SIM card...(equivalent of cellphone CPR).

24 hours later, I reassembled it all, and it works fine.

I now have one of the most kosher cellphones around!

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