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July 13, 2007



1. very funny 2. where are the complaints from Brian (questioning his Creator and soforth)? 3. chazak chazak v'nitchazek--Congrats on the 100th maggid story!


I must correct a couple of small details. It was Mo'ed 2 not Zeraim 2 and it was "Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity," not "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Universe" (I kid you not)! Do you have Kabbalistic, prophetic, or mindreading abilities that I was hitherto unaware of? Perhaps with proper honing of this ability you could have a whole new career!

Savta and Grandpops

40 hours is thusly equal to 40 years in relative terms of frustration and also the yearning to get to eretz yisrael


I appreciate the maggid very much..since I use for CME credits.
thanks Maggid!

Aunty Chanale

Wow, here I was speaking to Brian totally unaware that he was the hero of a whole parsha.How come he spoke French in Toronto?? Does one read thru Albert Einstein's theory of relativity sequentially or do you skim thru??? I just hope that "Dorit" who is travelling this very day into the desert with the four kids doesn't have to take the same route.Don't I have some sweet nephews???

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