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April 20, 2007



Architechtual Digest is very nice...mmm..but for a classy office and for those inclined to literature..I suggest the New Yorker magazine too. sometimes they have good cartoons to relieve the tension.


the a train is all the way on the west side, shouldn't his office look more like a stop on the 4,5,6 if it was on the east side?


Why exactly did you tell me you were posting this...was that some sort of hint?

-Savta, Thank you for the literary advice.
-Ed, thank you for the subway advice. I guess the jazz aficionado in me wanted to take the A train. I just liked the use of a more famous line. I'm OK with a West Side line for my analogy, although you are correct that the 6 would have been a better choice. Maybe I'll change it.
-Dan, as far as I can tell, your manly mane far surpasses mine.

Big Fan

Gee Maggid. You sure are handsome.

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