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April 16, 2007



Mmmmm. Yummy!


This reminds me of a story that happened about 10 years ago. We went out with our Baltimore children and grandchildren to the Royal. Grandpops ordered his favorite: duck. When it was brought out, our grandson Mattar aged 4 stood us in his chair and cried "THEY KILLED A DUCK!!"

Auntie Chanale

Maggid, it is bashert that you didn't wait for dvarim for this wonderful story.I needed to read it TODAY.Last night I was on a whirlwind tour of wedding halls that were competing with each other as to who could offer more varieties of meat presented in more unusual ways like tossed, speared and grilled before your own eyes.Thank G-d they didn't think of giraffe.I'm all in favor of Rav Kook and more than ready for yimot hamashiach to start before Ayelet's wedding....amen!

 Bergenfield queen

  I can do it sir!!! 

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