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April 05, 2007



O Maggid, your story has made my day! It is amazing! Fantastic! What a piece of literature!


Maggid, in Syracuse my family used potatoes for karpas and that cut down on the hunger.
Grandpops was pretty shocked by this the first Pesach we were married.
Anyone else out there ever hear of potatoes for karpas?

The Maggid

Thank you for the compliment. Please, I'm just a humble maggid. Gifts would be preferred.

Shira Salamone

Maggid, the title alone was worth a look. (I'm from a family of punsters and married to Punster :) .) Neat story!

Savta, yes, I've heard it said that some people of Northern European ancestry use potatoes as karpas because it's one of the few vegetables that's already grown enough to be edible this early in the year in very cold climates. If what's left of my memory serves me correctly, my mother (of Russian ancestry) put out parsley, celery, and boiled potatoes as karpas.

Gifts? You found the afikoman? :)

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