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March 22, 2007



Were it not for the korbanot I would have sworn, This HAS to be urban legend, but of course, it's not, it's Yad HaShem, or would that be, Peh HaShem. Great post. Does he deliver to Chicago?

Liorah Lleucu

Very kewl post! Loved it!


How many yrs of free pizza did Lou promise you????
You've taken a good measure of poetic license turning solet into flour.In Israel, if you mix solet with olive oil you do not get pizza at all......you get cous-cous!

Why is there no listing for this Pizza store anywhere? (not on shamash, not on superpages, switchboard, etc.)

The Maggid

I'm sorry to have to say this, but The Divine Pizza exists only in the mind of the Maggid. Nonetheless, there are other excellent kosher pizza stores in the town of Teaneck. My favorite is [DELETED TO AVOID UNNECESSARY STORE ENDORSEMENT] , where the food is excellent and the pizza has a special je ne c'est quois. Know what I mean?

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