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February 06, 2007



I love it! wow you have a gift with words!

Subway Sally



That third child has quite a vocabulary! "Assuredly"? I know a third child with lots to say, but do we know any third children who know that word?


I loved the story and I'd like to adopt child number three please.

The Maggid

Mother of Israel and Subway Sally, thanks for the compliments.
Marcie, I know a third child who talks like that. Me. Perhaps it took 40 years, but I got there.
Chani, my third child(who has an excellent vocabulary) is the family cleaner. She sets the table for breakfast every morning, though she has as yet never cleaned up after her sibs' projects. She's still young, though. Alas, she's not for sale. Yet.

Justin W.

I felt that the story was very interesting. It is ironic because my family is having a seven layer cake tonight as apposed to ten, which represented the 10 commandments. I thought it was funny how the little kid thought he was obeying "dont kill" by cleaning up the mess.

Meir L

I found this story very funny. I know the third child in my family is always making the mess, so it was interesting to see that in this story it was the third child that was cleaning up. The third child in my family also always has something to say but no nearly as good a vocab as the one in this story.


That's a great story, maybe it is because I'm am the third child in my family, or maybe it is just a great story.I enjoyed it a lot thank you, and good shabas.

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