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February 22, 2007



Love the wandering Jew/traveling mishkan motif. Was the water at Molly Pitcher bitter? Did manna fall from the sky at Newark? Were you attacked by a roving band of Amalekites at Trenton? Good wokr, Maggid.


Well done and you are not even the journalist in the family! I think this one should be published. Eddie


I shan't quibble over location
or suffer being called a joker
if i question your sanity's station
but for this you chose to miss poker?

Danny Barr

Wonderful story Maggid- the obvious comment is- what's wrong with FM or AM radio? True, thirty years ago people said- "AM? Who listens to AM any more?". But that was thirty years ago! Now it's coming back into fashion, just like all things do after a generation or two.
But maybe behind that seemingly innocuous trivial side comment of the Maggid lies the secret of the Mishkan. The ideas and values behind the Mishkan- spirituality, humility, and volunteering for public causes- these are values that are timeless, they never "go out of fashion". They are also the values that the Freiman family give such a shining example to.Well done Maggid.Even your seemingly innocuous trivial side comments are exegetical gems of profundity.(what! I can't believe I used such big words)

Savta and Grandpops

We have such a sense of nachas. We feel that this shabbat parshat teruma is a rededication of the Mishcan and the Kohanim. We can't wait to be at Moriah this Friday and Grandpops will speak to the classes about the Mishcan v'Kelav.

"U'reh banim l'vanecha shalom al Yisrael".


It is true...I brought the plastic animals to slaughter. Then I sprinkled their plastic blood on the four corners of the mizbeach. What do you expect?...I'm a Freiman! Don't all 6 year olds do that?


Doesn't every family have a model of the Mishkan? U-Haul could use the promo line: "Official Movers of the Tabernacle"

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