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February 19, 2007


Liorah Lleucu



Speaking as a teacher, movies are a great way to pass the time. I think I'll try that.


Here I thought that the most educational way to teach kids about the mishkan was to rent a van, drive 8 hours to pick up and deliver a huge hand made model to a magnificent display in the local school.Let's see Indiana do THAT....


I've been reading your excellent stories for a while now. As an aside, I think you ought to put them in book form, I'd certainly buy it!! Anyway, the point I've always got from "Raiders" is that one cannot tell G-d what to do, as the Nazis thought they could by owning the Ark.


The Maggid

-Maggedet-- stop being lazy and write a lesson plan! (Joke)
-Chani- You have anticipated my next story on Teruma!
-Joe- Thanks for the compliment. I agree with your point about the Nazis in the movie. I think Spielberg is portraying them as disrespecting tradition and paying for it. If one were in a film class, I suppose this would be approached as a violation of the natural order and its inevitable consequences... Wow, I'm really full of hot air.

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