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January 04, 2007


Steg (dos iz nit der šteg)

great story and message!

The maggid

Thanks. The positive feedback makes it all worthwhile.

Aunty Chanale again

Just to tell you that I liked the story and the message very much.I also understood almost all the expressions.I even knew what a sloppy joe was before you explained it.I'm using my imagination on the cherry bomb but I suspect that was your intention anyhow...

Aunty Chanale again

Did you know that our postings are getting bumped back till we prove that we aren't machines??


Now that you mentioned sloppy joes, I remembered that the maggid and his family are coming down to FL soon. Next week I should buy chopped meat and make meatballs..no hot sauce of course> also, the traditional post airport lasagna ..also grandpops makes the maggid soup.
btw, we saw the maggid's brother loves soup too. this is all freeee association.

The Maggid

-Thanks, A. Chanale. I wasn't sure the Syracuse/Golanis would know of Sloppy Joes.
Yes, the new screening of comments is done automatically by the company that hosts the blog. It's because people send spam comments to increase hits to their own websites. Yes, it's a wonderful world.
- Savta. Just make sure the soup is ready. It's clearly familial, this soup obsession.

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