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January 16, 2007



I just found your blog.
Very clever..I love the way you look at things...

The Maggid

Thanks, David. That's very flattering, because I'm a big fan of your site. Besides, if nothing else i just want a place next to yours on the lake.


ok...that was brilliant.
I've moved beyond jealousy into something a bit more rabid. I shall be stealing your brain soon. Just FYI.


Amazing, I just found this from MII. Thanks!


Dear Maggid,

I love the story this week - beautifully written.
But I worry that you're watching too many GW Bush speeches...

* It had gotten ugly
* It was a mess
* He spoke of staying the course ...

On the other hand, you could have said that Pharoah:
* Established a bipartisan commission to recommend what to do -
chaired by a baker (subtle reference to James),
* Tried (in vain) to quel the chaos by sending 20,000 chariots to
fight the plagues.

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