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January 22, 2007


Savta from  Miami

Dear Maggid,

Now that you are here in Miami, I can make my comments to you right here and you can get them right here too. ..on my antique computer of course.
1. I have a great book for you called "Adjusting Sights"..the new moon plays a major role in the book just like in your story..yes "hachodesh hazeh lachem rosh chodoshim" chani in Israel knows what I am speaking about, yes?
2. Your daughter Maya has an amazing memory ...maybe in the category of Serach bat Asher who did not forget anything either."Like Pakod Pakadit".Abby could tell you about this. Of course, there is a big difference in their ages. The story happened in the library today. we went to the children's section. Abby took out Little House on the Prairie and Maya took out a whole bunch of books. Thinking that I won't find all these books, I secretyly gave some of Maya's many books to the librarian to reshelve. When we got to the circulation desk, we checked out our books and Maya asked. "Savta, Where is "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse"???????????


The story reminds me of a great DT I once heard from Danny.A short version-The business about the new month is like putting a commercial right at the peak of the action.They have nine plagues.Then G-d announces that the next one will be IT, just you wait and ...CUT - time out to talk about moons and sheep and doorposts after which you get back to the action.The key to the significance lies in what happened during the plague of darkness.The midrash says that 4/5 of the Jewiash people died as they did not merit redemption from Egypt.That is indeed a good reason for a timeout- time to emphasize one's personal responsibility for one's actions in contrast to the dramatic "let G-d do it all" of the plagues.

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