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January 29, 2007



I particularly liked the reference to the manhole cover (was that an intentional nod my way?!)


Love the desert dessert. You should have named her SANDY! The story was delicious. How do you know so much about baking???? Love, "The Baker"


"Siting?" What kind of college did you go to anyway?

Do you really have such a contest? What a great idea. . .

The Maggid

Unfortunately, Typepad has no spellcheck. But I don't need it, because I have you as my backup. Still, your comments must seem odd to other readers, because once I correct the error, no one knows what you're referring to. Computer stories lend themselves to grammar and spelling errors, I find, because you just type with very little editing. But thanks for the input.


I'll be happy if you just delete my comment and your response, whether or not you correct the spelling.



The Maggid

I like the spelling correction. And I thought the college remark was funny. Don't change a thing. I'm very happy with it, and I really do appreciate the input. To be honest, I'm amazed my wife the editor missed it. In the first draft, I used the word garnished instead of garnered (appropriate in a cooking story). She laughed for half-an-hour. :)


Okay, I wasn't sure how you took it.

Blogger does have some kind of spellcheck (click the box with ABC and a check sign). Unfortunately, it won't help with the garner/garnish problem.

chani barr

What's the recipe and how come no one has asked for it yet?
What's the connection btwn Adam and the manhole cover???

The Maggid

Adam is a friend of mine who lives in Miami. I saw him when we were down visiting the Freimans. He is an engineer who works for a company that manufactures...you guessed it-- manhole covers. It was pure coincidence that I told him about the website and mentioned manholes the same week. or else it was unconscious on my part.
Chani, if i haven't said it already, thanks for being such a loyal reader. It makes it more fun to write when I know people are out there.

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