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December 27, 2006


Savta from  Miami

Dear Maggid, I don't know why but your last story on Vayigash reminded me that you are scheduled to speak about Nechama Leibowitz on shabbas parshat BO on Jan. 27th. Maybe because the class is composed of many mothers whose married sons and daughters live in other cities?
Savta from Miami

The Maggid

Dear Savta,
Your NL drasha is good to go. Don't worry, I won't break into storytelling.
The Maggid

Aunty Chanale

Thought provoking.Granted that Yakov suffered more than Yosef thru the years of separation, but who cried harder at the reunion:Yakov who sees his son a ruler in Egypt or Yosef who sees his once proud father as an aged and broken man?

Jake and Nikki

Maggid come home (and bring the wife and kids)! We miss you.

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