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December 20, 2006



I was so relieved to read about Esty brushing her teeth before going to sleep. I wouldn't be surprised if this healthy tradition was started by Tamara the Macabee, and this is what made her the most famous,respected and important of our Macabee ancestors. "Be decay free with Tamara the Macabee".

Yehuda Berlinger

You missed the story about Tamara taking off all of her clothes at her wedding in front of everyone.

Apparently the "right of first night" had been made law, and everyone was celebrating at the wedding without thinking of what would happen that night.

Tamara ripped off her clothes at the ceremony after she was married, and her family were aghast. The brothers went to kill her for her dishonor, and she told them: I have done nothing terrible and you want to kill me, yet you would let me be raped by an uncircumcised tonight without doing anything about it?

The brothers were shamed into taking action, and that is how the story of the Macabbi rebellion began.


The Maggid

Wow. That's quite a comment! That's definitely the raciest story addition I've had so far. I'm speechless (a true rarity).


I think we were going for the "G" version of the story - one in which the woman is famous for something other than her sexuality. Also, in the Maggid's version, Tamara's wisdom ends the rebellion - her experience doesn't cause it to begin.

The Maggid

Good one, O' Baku reader.

Yehuda Berlinger

My wife corrects me and says that it was Hana Maccabi at her wedding, not Tamara. That's not the same Hana who jumped off the roof after six of her seven sons were killed.

Of course, I left out many details, such as all the decrees that happened before "first night" was enacted, more detail at the wedding, and how they got the governor afterwards.


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