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December 19, 2006



Maggedet, you rock.

Auntie Chanale

Just downed three of them,
Bubby's recipe called "orderly" latkes because they use:4 potatoes,3eggs,2 onions,1 tsp salt and 1/2 cup matza meal


I hear the Maggedet is slim and trim. Can the rest of us start our diets the day after Chanuka, please ?


Yes!I agree with Danny about Jack Singer being a 5 year old cutie. we were about to leave for the ride to the plane to the US. I said "Bye everyone, who is going to kiss me?"
Jackie said "I will!!".


Wonderful story, Maggedet! I want to adopt Grandma Pearl, having no such wisdom in my personal history. And I want to discuss arranging a shidduch. I think I have just the boy for Rebecca: any girl who knows what her brother's sneakers taste like would fit right into this family. Especially if she has recipes. Does he need to have a job?

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